Wasp Solitaire Four Suit

Wasp Solitaire 4 Suit is one flying solitaire game that stings!

Wasp Solitaire played with 4 Suits is the toughest Wasp Solitaire card game on 247spidersolitaire.com! Players of this free online card game will have to stack and recombine cards of differing colors and suits to reach the goal of 4 Suit Wasp Solitaire. The goal of Four Suit Wasp Solitaire is to build 4 stacks of cards. Each stack of cards in the solitaire game must be built from king to ace.

When a stack is completed in Wasp Solitaire 4 Suit it will vanish from the solitaire board so that solitaire players have room to move around their cards. As with other Wasp Solitaire games freeing up a space will give players more flexibility in moving cards around in this solitaire web game.

Extreme Spider Solitaire

  • 4 Suit Wasp Solitaire is played with four suits and has 52 cards
  • High Scores are automatically saved at 247spidersolitaire.com
  • Wasp Solitaire with 4 Suits is the most difficult of the 3 Wasp Solitaire games

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